Wetting Agent (Denim)

Wetting agent

  • Wetting and deaerating agent for pre-treatment and dyeing.
  • Suitable for cellulose fiber and its blends, semi-continuous and exhaust dyeing process.
  • Good compatibility with anionic and nonionic surfactants.
  • Improves dispersibility and solubility of dyestuffs.
  • Low foaming and good wetting ability.


Appearance: Colorless or yellowish
Form: liquid
Ionicity: Anionic

Wetting agent

  • Wetting agent for sulphur dyeing
  • Removes the dullness of sulphur dyes & improves the luster in shade.
  • Improves and maintains the wet-ability in sulphur dyeing at high Temperature.
Appearance: Pale yellowish
Form: Liquid
Ionicity: Anionic


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